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Cyberax Tech as a software company specializes in designing, developing, implementing and supporting software systems for a wide network of customers throughout India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and USA.


Cyberax Tech was established in 1998. The major part of Cyberax Tech business covers mainly all the service industry. Therefore Cyberax Tech has a high level of financial stability and capability to develop new directions of its business.

Since 2001 the company has entered the market of software outsourcing services. In 2 years it has successfully completed more than 30 projects for partners from the USA, UK, and India.


Cyberax Tech is situated in Kolkata, India. Kolkata has a high scientific and educational potential. Kolkata is the largest scientific and educational centre in the eastern part of India.

We have a capability to hire highly educated experts graduated from Technical Universities and Scientific Research Institutes. Our employees are well informed about the latest achievements in Information Technology, and the company takes part in the further development of innovation potential of Kolkata.

The company owns office premises in the center of the city. The office is equipped with 100 Mbit LAN, ISDN and xDSL lines and automated telephone exchange. The equipment is continuously upgraded.

Cyberax Tech has official representatives in the USA and Malaysia

Target Market

Cyberax Tech positions itself as a provider of software outsourcing services for small to medium sized companies in Western Europe and the USA. We have a wide experience and a good knowledge in Pharma, Plastics, Tea, Fashion, IT and Education industries.


The partnership with Cyberax Tech allows the client to focus on their core business. We help our partners to get the following competitive advantages:

  Reducing costs
It is achieved via minimizing expenses on social insurance and taxes as well as IT infrastructure and competitive hourly rate. Our customers reduce their costs in 2-5 times depending on the nature of the project.

Mitigating Risks
We are interested in the success of our client. We look for sharing his risks via delivering seamless and reliable workflow. (See Workflow section for details).

Innovative approach
If the client's requirements are complex, we undertake R&D activities while preparing our technical proposal.




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